What is Key Performance Indicator?

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) or Performance Indicator (PI) is the most important information to measure organizational performance. Organizations use KPI at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets. A KPI or PI has quantitative and measurable characteristics.

How AnalyzerTM present KPI in the manufacturing industry?

Most ERP system included business processes such as sales, procurement, inventory, production and finance management, and crossed through 3 major roles: customers, suppliers and company organization. AnalyzerTM designed the entire KPI dashboards and reports based on the ERP system.

AnalyzerTM KPI solutions

AnalyzerTM KPI solutions integrate ERP functions and provide four kinds of analytical topics; simply visualized your data to support you quickly understand the business performance and establish a wise business plan.

Sales and Marketing module included whole sales analysis, customer analysis and product analysis. The following examples are some Key Performance Indicator in Sales and Marketing module.

  • Year on year revenue growth
  • Market share
  • Revenue by customer, channel, and/or product
  • Sales department performance
  • Customer retention rate
  • Product ranking
  • Product gross margin
  • Returns as % of revenue

We collected suppliers, purchasing request, purchasing order and material cost. Transforming all of the information into useful performance indicators as follow:

  • Items demand trend and growth
  • Items forecast accuracy and bias
  • Supplier quality
  • Supplier ranking
  • Supplier delivery performance & Buyer plan
  • Material cost variance

The Inventory Analytic module can help you to build a better plan and manager your stock and inventory amount. Here are some important metrics you can keep track of:

  • Day in Inventory
  • Inventory Categorization (High turn product, low turn products, ABC)
  • Inventory by Product
  • Available Inventory to promise
  • Warehouse capacity utilization
  • Inventory holding period

Financial Analytic module leveraged financial data such as general ledger, account receivable and account payable. Generating key performance indicators and applying to financial ratios.

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • Department expense /budget
  • Department / Cost center analysis
  • Account receivable analysis
  • AR Aging & History
  • Account payable analysis
  • AP Aging & History
  • Financial Ratio( Profitability ratios、Liquidity ratios、Activity ratios、Leveraging ratios)


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